Using: SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Shortcode Parameters

I used SyntaxHighlighter Evolved for pasting codes in my blog site. Here’s a quick guide on how I used it.

Sample Usage

In my article:
[python light="false"]print 'Hello, World!'[/python]

The Output:

 print 'Hello, World!' 

Shortcode Parameters

These are the parameters you can pass to the shortcode and what they do. For the booleans (i.e. on/off), pass true/1 or false/0.

lang or language The language syntax to highlight with. You can alternately just use that as the tag, such as [php]code[/php]. Click here for a list of valid tags.
autolinks Toggle automatic URL linking.
classname Add an additional CSS class to the code box.
collapse Toggle collapsing the code box by default, requiring a click to expand it. Good for large code posts.
firstline An interger specifying what number the first line should be (for the line numbering).
gutter Toggle the left-side line numbering.
highlight A comma-sperated list of line numbers to highlight. You can also specify a range. Example: 2,5-10,12
htmlscript Toggle highlighting any extra HTML/XML. Good for when you’re mixing HTML/XML with another language, such as having PHP inside an HTML web page. The above preview has it enabled for example. This only works with certain languages.
light Toggle light mode which disables the gutter and toolbar all at once.
padlinenumbers Controls line number padding. Valid values are false (no padding), true (automatic padding), or an integer (forced padding).
title (v3 only) Sets some text to show up before the code. Very useful when combined with the collapse parameter.
toolbar Toggle the toolbar (buttons in v2, the about question mark in v3)
wraplines (v2 only) Toggle line wrapping.

Some more example shortcodes

[php]<?php phpinfo(); ?>[/php]

[css autolinks="false" classname="myclass" collapse="false" firstline="1" gutter="true" highlight="1-3,6,9" htmlscript="false" light="false" padlinenumbers="false" smarttabs="true" tabsize="4" toolbar="true" title="example-filename.php"]your code here[/css]

[code lang="js"]your javascript code here[/code]

[sourcecode language="plain"]your code here[/sourcecode]

As of this time, SyntaxHighlighter Evolved is the most popular WordPress plugin for syntax highlighting based on the download count. However, I found it quite funny that I had a hard time looking for an article on how to use it. What I needed was the list of syntax parameters so I could control how my codes look when rendered in a browser. I found it inconvenient having to click my way to the Settings page for the plugin in the WordPress admin panel just to get this list up front. Well, there goes the list for my convenience.