Darwinian Software “Evolving Code with Darwin Molero” is where I will blog about major technical hurdles that I have overcome in my career as a software developer. In here I will document my experiences in the field of computing, the problems I have encountered, and the solutions that I have adopted to solve those problems. Most of the time, the solutions that I will be sharing with you will be in the form of code, script or commands. I know that there will be better codes and more elegant scripts and commands to solve the same problems. And so I will continuously improve on what I have here with whatever new found knowledge I gain along the way.

The software industry is ever evolving. What I learned today may not be that useful anymore tomorrow. New tech stacks come out to solve problems both old and new. I believe that code must continue to evolve. Code I write today could look ridiculous when I come back to it after some time.

Say it with me: “If my old code isn’t crap, I haven’t learned anything since I wrote it!”


Darwin Molero

Darwin Molero

I am Darwin Molero, a self-employed web developer with expertise in Django/Python. I am strong in both back-end and front-end development using React.JS, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3 and Less. I have developed web applications ranging from startups to full-featured enterprise solutions. I code from ground zero up to deployment.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and been in the IT industry since 1998. I have extensive experience in various programming languages in the past including PHP, C#.Net, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, Clipper, C and Assembly Language.

Right now I have focused in Django/Python and made it my forte in my home-based jobs. I code on a MacBook Air running Mac OS X.

Developer Arsenal:

  • Django / Python
    • eCommerce
    • Django-CMS
    • Django-rest-framework
  • Laravel / PHP
    • WordPress
  • Advanced Search
    • ElasticSearch based on Lucene
  • Social Media Integration
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    • eWay
    • PayPal/PayFlowPro
  • Web Scraping
    • BeautifulSoup
    • Scrapy
  • RESTful APIs
    • Django Rest Framework
    • oAuth2
  • HTML5 + CSS3
    • Less
    • SASS
    • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Javascript
    • Front-end: React.js
    • Backend: Express.js / Node.js
    • jQuery, Ajax
  • Linux System Administration
    • Ubuntu
    • Cent OS
  • Database Management Systems
    • MySQL
    • PostGreSQL
  • Web Deployment
    • AWS (EB, EC2, RDS, ECR, S3, Amplify)
    • Docker
    • Apache2 (with mod_wsgi)
    • Nginx (Gunicorn, uWSGI)
    • Shared Hosts, VPS, Cloud

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